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Sun and Beach Safety Tips for Infants

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Sun and Beach Safety Tips for Infants

Here are some things to keep in mind when vacationing at our beautiful beaches here in Sarasota County with infants

  • Keep your baby in the shade as much as possible. We have nice beach sheds that keeps not only your child protected. Still apply sunscreen on your baby.
  • Avoid sunscreens containing the insect repellent DEET on infants, particularly on their hands. Young children may lick their hands or put them in their mouths. According to AAP, DEET should not be used on infants less than 2 months old.
  • Make sure your child wears clothing that covers and protects sensitive skin. Use common sense; if you hold the fabric against your hand and it's so sheer that you can see through it, it probably doesn't offer enough protection.
  • Make sure your baby wears a hat that provides sufficient shade at all times.
  • Watch your baby carefully to make sure he or she doesn't show warning signs of sunburn or dehydration. These include fussiness, redness and excessive crying.
  • If you get to the beach before 10am or after 2pm you'll be skipping the day's most powerful rays. Bonus: You may get the beach to yourselves.
  • Hydrate! Have enough liquid with you. You can store it in one of our coolers.
  • Take note of how much your baby is urinating. If it's less than usual, it may be a sign of dehydration and more fluids are needed until the flow is back to normal.
  • Towels. Take a good supply as they get damp and sandy very quickly.
  • Take a First-aid kit with you.
  • If your baby wants to explore, you or another adult should stay with her at all times. You can quickly lose sight of a baby on a busy beach, and she is bound to head towards the water. Also, don't let her near the water without you or another adult.
  • Keep a good hold of your baby when you're in the sea, even if you are used to letting go of her in swimming lessons. Stay in the shallows where you can sit down and hold her safely. Don't wade in too far, as the water can suddenly become very deep at some beaches.
  • Make sure your baby doesn't eat too much sand. (Turns out it creates sandy poo, which leads to diaper rash. But as far as we can tell, as long as baby eats a few grains and not fistfuls, and the sand isn't contaminated, which it usually isn't, all will be well.) That said, it's the beach! Smell the salty air, be soothed by the blue sea, feel the sun on your skin and enjoy—and enjoy watching your baby discover a world of sights, sounds, and textures. 

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